Thursday, April 26

Just a quick life update.
I am in Week 33 already, I cannot quite believe it. In some respects I feel this disbelief that in a few short weeks my entire life and existence is going to change in a way that right now I cannot comprehend. I'm somehow stuck in this fog going about what business I can handle doing at this size, with this odd egg shaped body, as though nothing will change. Oh, but it will. I just don't know how =) Too bad Future Self and Current Self couldn't talk. What a conversation that would be.
Life is a complete upside down cluster duck at the moment. Our apartment is now officially empty, aside from one small pile of laundry left there and a freezer full of things we don't miss. Otherwise a vacant unit. Everything needs cleaning. The fridge, the cabinets, the carpets, the kitchen floor, all of it. Ugh. And 3 days to get it done. Double ugh.
Our HOME (which I am in a state of disbelief that we are HOME OWNERS...) is chaos. Somewhat organized chaos, but only organized in a way that I understand and certainly not in a way that anyone visiting would understand! Boxes. Boxes everywhere. My living room- kitchen area is littered with everything from a bar fridge, to an antique wood cabinet radio, to a Queen Anne dining table chair with a petit point seat, to boxes of gadgets and cutlery. I have at least a dozen and a half more boxes to unpack and attempt to find homes for. Most are antique books, a lot more kitchen china and glassware, and some is family photo albums and whatnots. I feel a bit at a stand still, without shelves to put things on or in, or cabinets to hold things. Everywhere there is clutter. It'll be fine once I have somewhere to put things and places for things. Right now, it's just unpacked (or not) and stuck in the room it belongs.
The tough part is I physically cannot do much without having to rest in between. I unpack dishes, I wash dishes, I lie down. I lay there, I think about what I could do, I think about what I'd like to accomplish, I relax for a time. I try to get up and realize I am only able to roll out of bed sideways because trying to sit up forwards like normal is apparently impossible. I roll my awkward body up, stiffly stumble forwards a few steps, get myself some momentum and force myself to go a little more. Quite fascinating each day to find just one more body part that aches or is stiff, or just doesn't function the way it did the day before. Somehow my sleeping has now created issues in my right ankle, or my right hip. A daily dose of ENO for the onslaught of immediate heartburn is becoming routine. It's actually quite delicious.
Focus needs to be cleaning that damned apartment though. THREE DAYS to get it done. Mother Tucker. I have to say it: help!

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Anonymous said...

oh, i *so* remember that whole late-pregnancy thing... at least with my first. second went a *whole* lot easier, despite having a young child to run after... or maybe that's why - less time to feel what is going on (wrong?) with the body. lol but as you well know, this will pass. and hopefully the passing is pleasant enough. :)

wish i could come clean but have super busy days the next 3. earliest i could come is tues afternoon, which is the 1st, and not much help to you. hopefully J gets the cleaning done. you have enough going on, growing a baby inside. it might look like you're "just resting" but in fact, there is untold growth happening. just can't see it.

be well,