Thursday, January 5

Happy New Year

Thankfully 2011 is over.
Welcome, welcome 2012- let's invite all good things into this year!
2011 was a difficult year. We moved (again), we sold or gave away just about everything we owned -furniture, household knick knacks, even all of our properties are now officially sold and gone. Now that I am "back home" I literally have my health and a pension left to my name, and a few boxes of personal effects in a storage unit.
I am glad, however, to be here and to announce (officially) that we are starting a family in 2012. We look forward to welcoming someone(!) here mid June this year. A Gemini (unless he or she comes late) born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon to his Rooster (Gemini with Aquarius rising) dad and Ox (Aries with Gemini rising) mom. I think this is all a good fit. Certainly the timing could not be better since I enter last year of my thirties this coming March. But (waves finger indignantly in the air) I am and will maintain that I am "IN MY THIRTIES"... so there.
It feels like much more of a new year and a clean slate having purged so much from my life all year in 2011. All has been stripped down, all has been cleared away, the future is paved and clarified. All there is to do now is simply - move forward.
Welcome 2012. Let's go...

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