Thursday, December 15

Aw, sad -minus 16 you poor Winnipeggers. =)
Funny, we had another Pegger (who lived there about 30 yrs) over here a few days ago that has recently moved to Vancouver this summer. We were sharing our thoughts about moving here, about why other Peggers do or do not, what most Peggers think or conceive about the "Wet Coast". Although we all concede that sure it rains here more, the rain on most days does not even require an umbrella. Consider it mist, he says. Compared to Winnipeg monsoon drowning rain that falls out of the sky in buckets, floods the city and leaves you soaked to the bone in 5 minutes, this is not rain. If your idea of "rain" is that reference point, obviously if someone told you "it rains in BC" you would think it must really suck to live here! lol
Likewise we were comparing our ease of travel here, to there. This recent Winnipeg transplant says you know, this Skytrain business is pretty great. I have no need for a vehicle around Vancouver (true!) In fact for me to fly direct (a 15 minute flight) from Comox to Vancouver a few weeks ago it cost me $40 bucks. I walked 3 blocks to Skytrain, travelled into Metro Town to shop, travelled out to Surrey, hopped a bus and got to Langley for dinner. It's all at my doorstep, even from over here.
He was really excited that here he is, in BC in December, at plus 2, taking his Harley for a road trip from Vancouver up the inside of Vancouver Island with no difficulty. Be even better once he does that in February =)
Admittedly he chose to own IN Vancouver which is far more costly than living in an outlying community. Here in the Comox Valley an average home is 320k, I would average at. A starter home (a rancher, or smaller home) in the Courtenay or Cumberland area could cost you $250k. A mobile trailer -you're looking at 150k? Or less, or more depending where it is and how old. Condos range from $135-300 here depending of course whether they are ocean front or not. In Vancouver, right in Kitsilano, he purchased a condo there for 450k about 9 blocks down to the ocean. He also bought a pre-construction condo in New Westminster for 270k. You *can* buy NEW condos right near King George Highway in Surrey, off the Skytrain track, for just $135k. There IS affordable housing here depending on where you CHOOSE to live. Again-to be fair- condo fees in Winnipeg? I would argue these are $400 on average. Here? $150-250 on average depending on ammenities/ underground parking etc.
Funny how people pre-determine that BC means BRING CASH or that it isn't worth moving too; it's too expensive... it's too wet... it's too hard to make it. From three Winnipeg transplants living here in December at plus 6 in our oceanside town, I really feel for you guys. Neener neener. And merry hoho to all my peeps.... I miss you guys =)

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