Monday, November 14

Duplex is getting (re)prepared for showing. Floors are getting sanded and varnished this week. Cleaning lady coming later this week to detail clean the place. A very good friend is coming to straighten and tidy and make presentable what otherwise is shabby left behind furniture by our last tenants. All those things that need to happen are slipping into place. Next month offers for purchase will coming rolling in.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, a mini vacation in Vancouver recently rejuvenated my batteries. I had no idea it was so affordable to FLY there directly from Vancouver Island, and a short 20 or 45 minute flight depending on where you depart from. $63 to get there, and just $43 to get back. This makes travel over to the mainland much more accessible. I was lucky to get back though- a strong rainstorm had swept the coast Friday to Saturday, cancelling ferry routes, Skytrain (light rapid transit system) and flights. A few travel plans changed on the way into Vancouver from the valley upon finding out what transportation lines were available. Much thanks to Kelly for driving me all the way into the heart of lovely Vancouver on the Wet Coast!
The island is noticeably drier than the mainland, likely due to the mountains and where the rain is inclined to fall =P.. British Columbia is an amazing province for the variety of climate zones that exist here. We have northern tundra, a wet green rain forest, a desert pocket in the south central area, we have plains and farm fields and rocky island shore. I'd love to do some BC staycations each summer and explore more of the province, like we did as kids. Maybe the same experience, but without a vehicle overheating or breakdown as seemed to be the norm in the early 1980s... Still, it was pretty great to head up the Canyon, check out ghost towns, camp on the island coast, walk through some pretty huge forests and beaches, and just see what's out there. I'll need to find an Airstream or a tow behind camper and get this plan in action =)

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