Tuesday, November 15

BC Medical Privacy?

I wonder how often this happens.

We applied for HIS medical coverage in July. Our paperwork was lost. We reapplied in August. The paperwork was wrong. We reapplied in late September. All of October we heard nothing. Today, we receive two letters from BC Medical.

The first letter said please send a copy of his Canadian Birth Certificate so we can confirm he is a Canadian resident. How irritating, but sure. The second letter is what stunned me.

In the envelope was a letter stating sorry, the photocopy you have sent in is too dark to read. I look at the attached paperwork, which is a full application for BC Medical, 2 pages, none of which was ours. SOMEONE ELSE'S APPLICATION, with phone number, address, birth date, signature- all clearly legible, all in my hot little hands. I was horrified.

How often does this happen!?

What other information in the BC Medical system is going astray or ending up in someone else's hands!?

Worse yet, what if I were NOT an honest person- this is like receiving a golden ticket to identity theft! If this DOES happen even OCCASIONALLY, where is my information going!?

I immediately stuffed it in an envelope for return mail, not reading any further information about these people- I only caught their last name and province they came from.

I also immediately emailed MSP as well as the Health Minister to complain about Privacy Assurance.

Yikes. You know, with the information I had, I could have *phoned* the other people and let them know also that they information was breached and sitting on my kitchen counter. I had access to their cell phone number and could have done so.

Holymother... Today is a day of government agency let downs. Read here to find out yet another BC disaster currently in progress....


Anonymous said...

that *is* horrifying! holy mother, that is really disturbing.

i wonder if you'll get any response from the ministry of health on this issue.

or will it get lost in the proverbial paper shuffle...

or worse yet, sent, but to the wrong person.

oy vey.

Kristi said...