Friday, August 5

Wow, the US sure is in a bad position. I was googling the US economic situation and I see that around noontime TODAY the dow took a horrible nosedive. The more I read the more I see this DOUBLE DIP RECESSION coming up.
Can't say I ever took economics, I don't own stocks and I don't watch CNN. What matters to me is simply "am I going to pay more for my mortgage" or "are my mortgage rates going up or down" or "will I qualify for a home this year?!" And all of those things are hinged to the economy. What I understand from the couple sites I visited is there is speculation that rates will continue to stay low while the EU and the states get their shit together. This is okay with me. I can happily manage a 3.3% interest rate for a 5 yr mortgage, if I can just get approved. My mortgage broker is currently working on this and hopefully, like some other peeps I know, I can finally FINALLY move forward on the housing situation. GOD WILLING!!!

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