Saturday, August 20

2.1% mortgage rates for a 5 yr variable. Wow. I can't believe how cheap it is to lend money right now. Even the 10 yr rates are under 5%. Pretty incredible. Verico even has a 5% cash back/ zero down pmt option to qualify you at a rate that is still quite feasible and also around the 5% mark. I am shooting for this option.
My broker is still working on qualifying me but CMHC is holding apparently still resisting. Insane. I feel like I should move into something more semi-permanent until I am apparently qualified to buy. I don't know what that would be, but certainly this tiny unit we are in is too small for 3 people to live in.
Johns friend moved out here 3 weeks ago from Winnipeg. Loves it here and is helping us out with rent. Glad to have him here but further reduces the feeling of the size of this space.
Something has to give!!!

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