Wednesday, July 13

This is for CJ who lost her best friend last night. (((hugs)))
People that have pets, especially multiple pets, and different species, I have to confess I understand. In fact I like homes that have fish and turtles and cats and dogs. Not necessarily a fan of birds, except chickens- I like chickens- but the other quiet friends I quite enjoy.
I often think about having what Sister has- the farm like existence in the forest. Collecting eggs; dogs and cats around, a block to the ocean. I quite get it.
I like the idea of having a sort of hobby farm. Or running a small campsite, or a small kennel for cats and dogs and other animals. I can't imagine there are many places that would take, say, your iguana while you vacation in Mexico. It must be tough to find places that do things like this(?) And really, what do they need, other than a large tree limb to climb, a heat lamp, some vegetation and a sunny window to lie in =)
I think having a relationship with an animal- an unconditional best friend- is an amazing gift. We are so lucky to have them in our lives. Here is to you CJ, have a good day of happy reflection on what you were gifted with through Bailey.
RIP Bailey


~n~ said...

hee hee you make my life sound GRAND! LOL (it really does rock, though - i admit it)... actually, i'm torn between getting other animals and not... goats, maybe raise some chickens for meat... but i always get hung up on the morality behind my veganism with it. Even having dairy goats - having to breed them to then take their milk... and what do you do with the offspring? off them? (is that why they're called offspring? creepy.)

Still, I do enjoy the company of animals. The dog and cats are amazingly communicative. And the chickens are really interesting to hang out with, too.

I love how the animals soak up the Reiki and Love, too.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much,
Much Love,