Wednesday, July 20

Cat scratch fever, here we go again. I soooo have to get my one last cat fixed. She is the last one to go under the knife. She is in her unfortunate wanton state once again and its just about unbearable to listen to. Tonight she sleeps in her crate out in the truck. Not gonna listen to it for Night Number Three. She can howl to her content out there and not bother a soul. Good enough. At least it will stop her from making her unapologetic and very forward moves on all the male cats in the house. I'm pretty sure it's considered an advance when you sit on their face. I mean I haven't seen a human female do it in a bar yet, but judging by how far it gets my cat, maybe some woman somewhere could pick up some moves from her... =P

Pretty dismal summer we have here so far! I hear someone say that it's an El Nino year which makes sense since there was a cooler than normal winter here. Having said this we are notorious for indian summers which I am counting on since vacation was delayed until September.

Funny- I read my horoscope somewhere online back in January and it said this year would be work work work delay delay delay and I cant dispute the results as they are rather right on.

Dunno what you're supposed to do when you read this in retrospect- crawl in a hole?! Head for cover? I mean forewarned is forearmed but what the hell. Right as rain....

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