Thursday, January 20

Plus 5 on the east side of Vancouver Island today. Wouldn't that be nice. Minus 40 today here with wind chill. 45 degrees difference. FORTY FIVE, PEOPLE... /winces

This morning- after warming the truck up for 25 minutes- we went out to get groceries. Had to park quite a few stalls back, so we got out of the truck, walked 20 feet, looked at each other and said screw this, let's go home!! Got a coffee and headed back to the house. Who the hell shops in this weather?

Can't say I love it. Or like it. Can't tolerate it. Not as long as there are choices in the world, all over this planet, for where you *could* live. As long as there are options, COLD WEATHER SUCKS!!!

Was talking to some people yesterday about this, and surprised to hear that more options, more locations might be open to me than I originally thought. But I don't know. Would be great to live in a warmer climate somewhere and even explore more of the world. I'll have to find out more about it I think. Something to think about for future years, possibly? Definitely like the idea; the thought is certainly appealing...

Going to start some Spring cleaning shortly. I feel like a purge is on the horizon. I had a call from the Canadian Diabetes Assn asking for donations and it turned on a lightbulb. My basement (which we cleaned up last Fall, painted the floor, the walls, got some organization racks & bins etc) is full of things I can see I have little use for. I did one purge in November and gave some stuff to the Main Street Project, like old kitchen appliances (blender, juicer, waffle maker) that they said someone in an emergency situation moving into an apt could use so I was glad to donate for that purpose. Even had some curtains and other stuff in there. Now I see crafting stuff, and just weird odds and ends that I accumulated and hung onto for some crazy reason. Have to get some boxes and start crating it up.

Likewise I bought stuff months and months ago to upgrade this place that I need to install. A replacement kitchen faucet, some new ceiling lights, new front entry security lights- stuff like that. I'll have to get on that. Also need a humidifier installed on the furnace (soooooo dry in the house, I water my plants I swear every day which is my sign of the dry heat coming from the furnace ducts as well as the trauma it causes my sinuses). Yada yada. Never ending list of things as a house will have.

Best get started on something, I'll pick laundry and dishes first and work my way around from there. It's an inside day, kids! Everyone stays in for recess!


~n~ said...

good GOD -45?!? ya, +6 yesterday. lightly misting right now but it's about the same temperature... as in, you can go out in a sweatshirt with no parka on. LMAO

i can't imagine replacing front entry security lights in -45. maybe wait 'til it warms up, eh. ;)

good luck decluttering. flylady at her best.

lmfao your word is 'harem'. wtf?

holymotherofgod said...

Hmmm. Harem. Perhaps the computer knows I have two men living with me right now ?!!! LOL