Wednesday, January 26

Fairies & Wishes

Just around the corner from me- walking distance on a good summer day, is a Co-op gas station at the corner of Grant and ohhh, Lindsay street in Winnipeg. It's a tiny gas station on a small corner lot that has probably been there for about 20+ years. I'm sure nothing noteworthy has ever happened there until recently, when they sold a winning 3 million dollar lottery ticket to some very very lucky lady. Not me, but still, I live vicariously through her, in spirit =)

I think since I was 18 I have had daydreams (like anyone) about winning the lottery- as soon as I could purchase a lottery ticket. I'd sort of never known somehow that they existed before that; I don't recall my parents purchasing them(?) But man, I can soooo imagine how nervous-excited people must get when that happens. Course I have pretty wicked daydreams and dreams in general, so it's not a stretch for me to go there LOL... but it's a nice place to be, even if it's just in thought !!!!

Warmed up here for a bit, all the way to minus 8 and I hear rumours of minus 3. Someone attempted to tell me PLUS three but I think it was just a momentary tease put out there by the local weather man on TV trying to see if anyone hear was gullible enough to believe that shit this close to February. Good sense of humor, he has. After this balmy warm spell we are back to reality, meaning a nippy -25 on Saturday. Thaaaaat's more like it. We can always WISH it were plus three.

Otherwise I hear my nephew has lost his FIRST tooth and was fist pumping in the air about it, which I find extremely hilarious to visualize. I hope he gets more than a quarter- I hear the tooth fairy these days is getting more and more generous, except when kids try to FAKE a toothfairy with FAKE TEETH, and they get letters back from the fairy about it. Can't trick those fairies, they get snooty when they get faked out. =P At least, that's what I hear... never happened in my family...

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