Sunday, January 30

Couple thoughts:

One, my duplex tenants called this morning. They have rent. They also say they'd like me to consider a reduction in rent due to the roof ice dams causing some water in the bsmt and admittedly seeping in some spots in the house- on both our sides. I have an emergency call in to a roofing company to come this afternoon, and I'm sending the men in to the attic to see if we can increase ventilation up there to help alleviate the leaks. I can't afford after the fact repairs nor would I expect myself or someone else to tolerate leaks. Having said that, I discounted their monthly rent upon move in by $150/mo PLUS offered to pay hydro and water until March as a move in discount, which is easily six or seven hundred dollars. I managed to delay the inevitable response until this afternoon- but I'm a little taken aback being that I already gave them my shirt and literally this adds insult to injury! This is not "normal weather" and this certainly isn't an expected (or likely cheap) fix. I feel a little bitch slapped. Am I wrong? If so please tell me because I can take it. I have to go see for myself what apparently constitutes a further discount than that.

Two, Oscar the cat needs to go. He and one of the she's simply cannot be in the same room together without whapping each other in the face. It's mostly HER that is the offender, 99% of the time, with a pre-active strike attack from behind a door or what have you. But it cannot continue. This is sooo disruptive to the house. =(

Three, I'm so terrified of flooding and damages and repairs, oh my. Flooding and damages and repairs, oh my. FLOODING AND DAMAGES AND REPAIRS, OH MY!!! Actually I'm 100% serious. The church next door has dumped snow over our fenceline along the side of my house. NOthing they can do about it now, but man if that causes basement problems? Oy, with the worry and the kvetching!

Four, completely different topic and much less concern- people know I enjoy astrology so they keep asking me about horoscopes and such. This is from a site I visit called Cafe Astrology:
There is a lot of talk about a "new sign", Ophiuchus, and how this might shift Sun signs to encompass different dates. We are receiving many emails about whether or not we will be updating the site with the new dates and new "sign". At Cafe Astrology, we use the Tropical Zodiac, which is not constellation-based so that axial precession and the discovery of a new constellation does not affect the zodiac signs, just as it hasn't been an issue in the past (axial precession is by no means a new phenomena). Your sign remains the same.

Anyways that's all the drama over here. But do tell if I am being unreasonable with the whole rent thing. I feel like I gave away the farm in the beginning and now I'm supposed to sacrifice a goat or something biblical like that. Holymotherofgod.

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Anonymous said...

Follow up: I pleaded my case with the tenants that I had already discounted their rent on move-in by $150/mo plus am paying their hydro for 3 months in winter. I said I would consider a discount if I were not able to repair the issue, but I have a snow clearing company coming in a few hrs. They seemed to accept that.
Snow guys came- took 90 minutes and 190 bucks. They cleared the snow from the room, deiced the build up on the eaves and suggested I check out the insulation in the attic. I have to get some blown in I think, and I cant do much else til spring.
All is temporarily well.