Saturday, January 29

Got some really wicked ice dams on our roof this year from all the harsh weather. At first I figured I'd shrug it off. Didn't think it actually meant anything other than what- maybe some frozen gutters? Nope, apparently it's a bad sign and has worse consequences.

My tenant next door last week said he got a couple drips in the middle of the dining room, from the ceiling. No pipes exist over it, near it, around it, nowhere close. Thought that was really weird. Now there's water inside the windows, inside the door frames, in the lower parts of the wall where the tell tale sign of moist bubbling paint is evidence enough for me that ohhhhhhh my gawd, we have a problem.

One thing I did know- but again, didn't know the repurcussions of- is that our attic is poorly insulated. It consists of some sort of wood shavings, exterior wall vents that were filled in at some point, and when I went up there in the summer it was hotter than Hades itself. Didn't know what that "meant". Didn't realize that this was a sign of an "issue".

Anyways, before we end up replacing drywall, insulation, gutters, soffits and everything roof related on what is supposed to be a 3 yr old roof, I will have a roofing company come and inspect and hopefully FIX the issue.... =( This better not cost an arm and a leg....

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