Thursday, October 14

Seriously, isn't the Miner Miracle cool to watch!?
I love me some GOOD news.
It's always catastrophes, and earthquakes, and tsunamis, and floods, and trauma out there.
It's NICE to see something GOOD happening!
I know I'm a sucker for things like this, but I truthfully welled up when I saw the first guy emerge and get reunited with his family.
Can you IMAGINE how he must have felt down there, for THAT much time, in the dark, in a smelly underground cavern with how many other sweaty dirty miners!? And the ascent to the surface, in a tiny TUBE, for a few miles ride... omg. The whole experience gives me the heeby jeebies.

But the outcome could NOT be better. What a great, great, great story. LOVING IT !!!

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