Saturday, October 9

Hot October.

Sounds like an oxymoron, but apparently it's happening. High twenties today and the next few days. Talk about Thanks Giving !

Went for a lovely walk today, but I prepared myself for October weather- not realizing it was nearing 30 degrees. So I pull on track pants, put a padded vest on, walk outside and ...what the...!? Good lord, it's WARM! Like REALLY warm! But I forced myself out there, in the heat, in my clothing that was more suitable for about 10 or 15 degrees cooler. Have to take this in while it's here, because as we ALL know the weather here changes oh... overnight. One day you're sweating and cursing the damn sun, and the next day you'd take back any ill words you uttered to have a bloody warm moment at all! I hear people saying that there will be snow by the end of October. I don't know... But then again, this place is crazy.

I often wonder if there is a system, or a cycle to it all. For instance, does a wet summer mean a mild winter? Or does a super hot summer mean a super cold winter? Do they always match in intensity? What's the rule!? I should consult an almanac and see whether any exist. 'Course I'm used to pretty steady mild temperatures and drizzly rain, you realize. Say the word SNOW in Abbotsford and about 6 people suddenly come down ill and need to go home to hibernate, driving white knuckled and bugged out eyes skyward the whole way home. Here, you could tell people an ice storm, a tornado or a white out was coming and they would shrug their shoulders and head out shopping. Nothing to be afeared of. Tis just a flesh wound.

Anyhoo for now I will revel in it and pull my shorts out of the bottom drawer where I thought I had stored them for winter. May as well work on my tan for Halloween !

Note for tomorrow that it is 10 10 10 day. I wonder if that means anything in binary!?

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