Saturday, September 18

Started out with spilling my venti americano on my jeans on my way to work.

Got to work, and the sole decided to seperate from my shoe. I literally used tape and silicone to attempt to keep it together...

Third bad thing hasn't yet happened, or won't... (crosses fingers).

If today were a dress, I'd return it!!

Actually it's all good; stuff happens. After the morning hours it was a fine day. Ish. Could have used more caffeine I think. Everything felt a little sluggish today.

Looking forward to cleaning tomorrow. Mmmm, cleaning. No sluggishness must exist tomorrow. I believe the plan is to make a fantastic pot of strong dark coffee, have a lovely breakfast of eggs and proscuitto then tackle the basement level in oh, 2 hours tops. It's a simple matter of stacking, placing and creating the appearance of organization. The main level is not an issue. A few small things to put away (*cough* kitchen *cough*) but otherwise it's in a tidy state. The upper floor? This will require the same effort as the basement.

Why am I doing this work? Well, I suspect we will get a phonecall from the Assessment Agency sometime next week. I figured I should be ready. I need the lawn mowed, the yard clutter hidden and the front and rear decks pressure washed. Not monumental chores, but on the MUST DO list for sure.

Briefly I contemplated a maniacal revap of my dated kitchen, but I don't know if I have TIME to paint all 4 walls, paint out the backs of the cabinets, change all the cabinet handles AND replace the countertop... AND replace the faucet (which I have sitting there waiting in the wings)... AND install the garburetor that is also awaiting installation... AND replace the floor with new lino... AND the light fixtures with newer fancier ones. All of this would be really quite low cost and likely give me good return on my money, but do I have time?? I don't know. I've no idea when this person will phone me and invite themselves into my home.

So I will work tomorrow as though the call was coming Monday.... cleaning, here I come.
/rolls up sleeves...

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