Wednesday, September 22

I was angry today. I was angry everywhere. I was angry at everybody. I was angry when the hydro guy banged on my front door, because he should've seen my doorbell. I was angry when I went shopping.

And then...

After I was all good and done being angry, I realized who the hell was benefitting from this?! And dammit, that made me mad when I realized that.

Kidding!! lol

Actually I had a moment in the car driving BACK from shopping when I realized I really can't do anything (aside from getting pissy) about the condo. I can call and email and talk to people that may or may not have influence, but otherwise... meh. Getting angry sure isn't going to solve anything. Certainly muttering about the doorbell to some poor sap wandering around in the rain to collect hydro readings isn't attracting any karma points =P

So today, I was angry. But I got better.... I'm not dead yet! I feel like I could go for a walk! I feeel happyyyyy! =)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

omg what a week you're having. how absolutely crappy about the condo fees.

i'm up to my ears in paint & drywall dust & putting a massive raw food order in; call me when you have a chance or i'll call you when the dust settles (ha ha ha ha).