Sunday, May 2

If only there could be more delays, confusion, miscommunications and stumbling blocks. I just don't think there are enough. I need more, so I can learn more patience and understanding and buy more hair dye to cover the ever-showing greys. I should pick this book up that Paris here is reading and take note of the FINE PRINT, where Mercury Retrograde is sure to note numerous disclaimers...thankfully retrograde ends May 11 although it takes until May 28 to completely release it's hold. (groans)
Of course if things went smoothly and well all the time in life, how would we ever celebrate the GOOD times?! This is little comfort when things SUCK (she says knowingly), but true nonetheless.

In my little reality my molehills aren't the mountains I dramatize them to be, just little speedbumps that I have come to expect (related to my subdivision which has been a gravel road to success) I anticipate that this week I'll move forward in well- one of two directions, one being the easy breazy fast method and the second being the slow laboured greasy kind. Really little choice as it's out of my hands. The greatest success and validation really has been the evaluation process which was like getting a gold star. It really verified that each unit of my duplex is indeed worth far more than I paid for the building as a whole. THAT is the validation. NOW I just need the fruition, the result - the refinance to complete.
In other news my five kittens are just days shy of being 2 months old now, are eating solid foods, are litter trained and adoptable. It will be sad to see them go and I am determined to find them loving homes. They are spoiled and smothered here as all felines under our roof are, and I want them to know that kind of care for the duration of their lifespan. We workship cats like the Egyptians although if Mister Bob dies I will not shave my eyebrows to signify my mourning...
It's hard to pause sometimes. Tough when you want to move on but feel like you're walking uphill. And let's face it - difficult to accept the accolades without the financial reward in hand. Hurry up and wait. That's the theme of this month and this retrograde.
"MAY" everything resolve
"MAY" your obstacles and barriers fall away
"MAY" this be a great month =)

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