Monday, May 31

Google earth is so cool. I saw the vehicle going by sometime in early April and didn't think much about it. I was kind of mezmerized by the long, long pole he had wavering about 30 feet above the back end of his minivan. Wasn't until today that I actually looked up my address and was shocked by the detail that it captured !! I knew exactly when it was taken, since my hedge isn't clipped and my eavestrough not repaired in the picture LOL!!


Huge storm system hovering around. This past week has been torrential rain, and I mean torrential. The sewer system in the city is on overload. Our storm drain in the back lane (our only access in and out of the driveway) is clogged creating a large pond about 1.5 feet deep (no lie) Today we're a little drier but rain is imminent. The sky as I type is charcoal colored. I'd say it's an 'inside day'!!!!


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Anonymous said...

google earth: yet another reason why dial-up sucks.

i'll have to check it out @ the library... (that, and so much else besides)