Friday, May 28

Oy, I know it's here - last night it came 100% full yet it was the night before that got me in the jugular. All sorts of angst and unrest. Get this - one astrology site says : At this Full Moon, we may suddenly connect the dots, and see the Big Picture about a situation in our lives. The Sun is opposite in Gemini, spinning the wheels of the mind at a whirly pace... Other planets in play (Saturn and Jupiter) are there to magnify that tension. It's a strange sensation of being ecstatic and high on our ambitions one minute, and hitting harsh realities and limitations the next. A mash up of mystical optimism, and doom and gloom can have us seesawing back and forth with our moods
Yep, I noticed. That whole mood thing? Got it.

Horrible storm outside this morning. Started last night- incredible thunder, lightning, BUCKETS of rain. The street outside has a RIVER. Very dark out from the heavy, dark grey rain clouds. Nice to be inside with a hot cuppa coffee today until this passes.

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