Saturday, December 5

It's so weird. The things I miss most from home. The places I'd go to, the spots I can picture so clearly no matter how much time passes. Today I kept thinking about how I'd love to be able to go sit in the Wildcat Grill and just soak in the view of the surrounding, majestic and huge mountains. I could see that mountain as clear as day in my mind's eye. God, I miss them. There's something so comforting about mountains. Humbling being next to them. Feeling so small and human next to this profoundly large peak of granite, limestone and whatever else runs through it's literal veins. I so love Agassiz. It's such a phenomenal place. No matter what direction you stand, you see huge mountains. Just a few minutes down the road you can enjoy Harrison, which has great shops, a cozy small town feel but literally everyone goes there. Visitors are there ALL the time. In the summer at peak visitor season you can just as easily overhear an English conversation, as an Asian or European one. Ah, I miss it =( I guess it becomes more and more real to me the more the tmperature drops here! That's when it hits me.
And having had someone here from home recently reminds me too. She gets to return; I stay. Kind of sad. So I told her to go visit places I would like to for me. I said go to Elisabeth's Chalet in Cloverdale for me. 100% THE BEST service I have ever experienced in my life, I told her. The owners (who must be in their 70s or 80s, no lie) are fantastic hosts. Amazing service. And I note things like that when I go out (sadly lol!!) I watch how people work, I evaluate them (nerd). Anyhoo, these people used to own a few popular eateries in Langley and Abbotsford. They've been in the business for years. The Olde Country Inn in Langley, Josef's in Abbotsford- they have had (and sold) successful restaurants. Elisabeth's is amazing though. Costs the same as The Keg, but in an intimate (some say cramped) Austrian chalet retaurant with polka music (*grins*). Servers are well dressed in bow ties, cummerbund and suits; tables are suited with linens and china. It's just plan NICE. And staff are ATTENTIVE. If the owners are there you are literally welcomed in as though you were a relative. They thank you for coming; they FIND you a seat. Oh yeah, the food- they have food =) It's good. Very good. Anyways I'm done gushing.
Besides I have other places to mention like Lou's Grill in Abbotsford, The Rendezvous ( best Greek food EVER) and the Bedford House.
Okay, whatever, sometimes I'd just rather be home.
And then I think, well- I'm not. And I'm not going to be there for a while. Probably years. And something that has become increasingly clear to me is that there are people here who need me. People that feel I'm making a difference for them. Today I had someone have a moment and in that moment they called for me. They specifically needed MY help. I had two other people tell me I was special and that they appreciated me. Yesterday I had someone say hey you matter and it would suck if you went somewhere. Sometimes I lose sight of the fact that I am that person to other people.
It's a good thing. And it's important.

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Debbi said...

love Cloverdale. It's truly underrated. Which is mostly what makes it so good.