Wednesday, December 2


December 1-2...
(from Astro Dispatch)

"There is a lot of energy packed into this Full Moon in Gemini!

When the Moon is full, the Sun and Moon are opposite each other from our perspective on earth, and the lunar light is allowed to shine without being hidden from the Sun’s light which is usually more powerful. Because the Moon represents the dark and the unknown- the mysterious emotional depths that are often hidden even from ourselves - the time of the Full Moon illuminates our inner hearts in a way that is not otherwise often experienced.

This Full Moon is in Gemini, the sign of communication, changeability, short trips, and anything of a mercurial nature, and Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind that is the ruler of Gemini, is very active in the chart of this Full Moon. Mercury is in a challenging square to Uranus, the planet of radical thinking and change, so there is a tendency towards impulsive thinking and hasty speech as well as a heightened sensitivity of the nervous system. Don’t be surprised by emotional outbursts of all kinds, and those of us with anxious natures may find ourselves with a case of the jitters.

Uranus has just changed direction, so it’s influence is stronger than usual. Uranus inspires innovation and change, and can bring about sudden and surprising events that turn our world around. There is also the danger of accidents and equipment failures under this influence.

At the Gemini Full Moon, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Sagittarius and there is a necessity to balance the search for the one Truth (Sagittarius) with an embrace of many ideas (Gemini). During this period we have a unique opportunity to create change and become more adaptable to new ideas and new ways of living our life; to learn the inner strength that an increase in flexibility can offer us.

Because Gemini is so oriented towards communication and the sharing of experiences, this is a wonderful time to bring people together to share new ideas and to learn more about each other."

SOAPBOX MOMENT ...yup, i knew orientated was the wrong word. Saw it used recently and thought it might not be right. Apparently only Brits and Aussies use them interchangably. In North America we say oriented. Thank you. That is all.

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~n~ said...

omGOD i *knew* this full moon was wreaking havoc with my otherwise calm world. LOL the kids are SOOOOOOOO emotional this week... the littlest things setting them off, all kinds of things to resolve.

impulsive thinking? hasty speech? heightened anxiety? sudden & surprising changes of events? illuminating our inner haearts in a way not often experienced? yep, this full moon is DEFINITELY influencing us.

i like the idea of balancing the search for one truth with the acceptance of many ideas. that totally resonates with me. :)