Thursday, November 26

Pretty big day today, but I waded through it. And the nice part of the day was not one, but two meaningful conversations that I found myself in and thoroughly enjoying. And totally unrelated...!
Yno what interests me and keeps me continually looking forward? Not what I do during the day. It's what I do and who I am outside of that space. The "outside of the box" places; the parts of my day that speak to those other parts of my brain. That's where I like to live and explore.
Over everything else, I value my interactions with people most. And the best ones are the one on one hey who are you and what matters to you talks. Those are my favorites. I hate isolation. I hate stale, mundane, mechanical, sterile routine. Hate it.
I considered momentarily quite a few years ago continuing with my education. Just another 4 years full time to complete the 2 yrs left on my degree and take a 2 yr post graduate art therapy program. Just 4 years, full time. And the thought of that was too much for me. How does anyone ditch life and hit school full time?! So I shelved it and went with the flow. I ended up instead learning early childhood education, and qualified myself to run a daycare (no word of a lie). Which came in handy in soooooo many ways =) none dealing with children, other than those that were grown.
But that education was in line with my interests.
I like to know what makes people tick.
I like to know why Big Kids act how they act.
I want to know who they are, why they are what they are.
And where they are.
What is their story?
Those are things I want to know.


Sally Cunliffe said...

Cool blog... I read a good blurg recently, the writer said I like people who come up and introduce themselves then ask me 'what do you do for fun?'... so much more cool, disarming, and interesting and real way to start a truly fun conversation than 'what do you do for a job/living/work?'... do like your sense of wonder, play and the way you say it like you feel. Cheers - Sally xo

holymotherofgod said...

Thanks Sally! I'm glad you popped by!
And just to add to my blog post here, I was actually lucky enough to get a THIRD conversation yesterday at the end of the day with my energetic nephew who told me his life story in under 45 minutes =) What a great day..!

~n~ said...

LOL Yep, that's ma boy... he'll tell you his ENTIRE life story in mere minutes of conversation. LMAO ahhh but he LOVES talking to you... you actually LISTEN to him and engage him in conversation, seem interested in his world. ;)