Sunday, November 22

My name is Holymotherofgod and I am addicted to online contests, sweepstakes and prize giveaways...!!

I'm probably asking for marketing phonecalls, junk mail in mass amounts and email spam. But I'm prepared to take that in exchange for the CHANCE to win things. I figure you don't win unless you ENTER. And if you enter MORE things, then your chances also improve, right? The Universe won't GIVE you things unless you GET IT OUT THERE so let's go for it.

I've entered to win little things like jackets and hair care products to a $50,000 kitchen makeover or $10,000 pay off your MasterCard sweepstakes. I'd be good with winning anything!!

If you are into this stuff, I'd encourage you to wander through the pages and pages and pages of contests at regflagdeals (which has a pile of other good stuff on the site like various FREEBIES you can get, coupons, forums about low interest credit cards and such) Redflag is much like smartcanucks which is another great site for stuff like this. Check it out if you feel inclined; and good luck to you if you do =)

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