Wednesday, April 15

I've been trying to wander back over to that right brain side lately. It's been getting slightly easier in the past few days with the sunshine, the snow completely melting, the green grass of the front yard visible and just being surrounded by signs of Spring. If this hasn't been THE most depressingly LONG winter IN MY LIFE, argh...insert squinty DOH eyeballs here ><

Some other glimmers of light are that I found out my duplex here already HAS applications on file with the City to split it into 2 titles, which is FANTASTIC. I guess the previous owner was trying to do the same thing and already did the survey, the application and the whole process last year. That saves me MUCHO TIME and headache! When I purchased that was one of my diabolical plans for Year One here. Having 2 titles means (a) I can sell one half anytime I want should I want or need to and (b) it creates 2 mortgages - one for me (as a primary residence) and one for my tenant's side. The beauty of this is I can consolidate any of my own personal debt into my mortgage without compromising anything. Which bring me to the OTHER glimmer of light!

Yesterday I was talking to some people about mortgage rates, and if right after getting MY mortgage for the duplex the rates didn't drop again (*raspberry*). Apparently their open rates are hovering around the 2% mark. My two mortgages are at 3.5% open variable and the other at 4.3% closed/fixed. If I were to swap these over to 2% it literally saves me about 300 bucks a month and makes both properties income earners as opposed to just breaking even. Woo hoo!

The only hang up is I need to answer my questions about the duplex title split and complete that process before I go wandering off with the then TWO mortgages I will have for each title and each side of the duplex. But meanwhile I COULD theoretically wander around with my condo mortgage and shop for a better mtg rate for that any time I want.

Oh, I just love it when the right side wakes up and gets to think wild and crazy thoughts!!

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