Sunday, April 19

Black, Black, Black, Black, Number One....

Oops, I did it again. The box says DARK BROWN so I pour it on my head. Forty five minutes later I'm Goth Girl. Gah!
Wudev, it isn't grey any more. If I hit a tanning booth I may not look quite so shocking =P

In other news things aren't quite so dark =) I should hear from the City this week about the status of our application for subdividing the duplex into two titles which opens a world of opportunity.

Starting off the week hopeful, so that's always good.

My horoscope for Monday:
"This is a really good time of the month to get noticed, so get out there and take charge. Things will generally get busier, reserve extra time on your schedule for unanticipated appointments or prolonged, profitable personal engagements. The spotlight turns up, and you're on stage -- perform! Family and home are focuses of change now, as old familiar patterns undergo an irrevocable transformation: time flows in one direction only. Real estate investments offer lucrative rewards at some risk. A change of residence is likely."


~n~ said...

shut up! did it really say, "Real estate investments offer lucrative rewards at some risk"?!?! That's fanTAStic! Woo HOOOOOOO!!

good on ya!

Beauty of Expression said...

With that new hair color you will get out there and get noticed!! lol ;p

I am sure you look gorgeous as usual!!

Eddie said...

...and on her milk white neck...the devil's mark.