Tuesday, March 24

GREAT MORNING to ya! Mine started out with a Tim Horton's delivery in bed (O for twelve on winning something with those damn roll up the rim things). I flicked on the tv to see Dan Akroyd giving away free wine at the forks and watched Breakfast Television which hosted some great jazz. It's all comin' together! I briefly considered cleaning myself up and going down there for an autograph but meh, I just want to veg today and spend the day in jammies. Not that I won't be productive; oh yes, I have things to do. I just prefer to do them in my own time, in my own space, in my own non-daytime clothing =P

So yes, flood snow winter storm warnings in effect today. Snow is already coming down in Winterpeg and accidents are apparently everywhere. I guess a couple small towns outside the south perimeter are either being evacuated or are no alert to BE evacuated right now. I keep wondering if Car is okay or if she's sandbagging as we speak lol! Our basement's got very minor trauma; just a trickle from the wall straight to the drain. Luckily it's an unfinished bsmt so just painted concrete anyways. Wudev. Some people in other areas literally called 911 when they saw water pouring in their bsmt windows. Floods do suck; in Chilliwack I had to contend with flood waters as well (which just a month ago other Chilliwackers did also in that there link). Part of the gig living near rivers is hey- they swell during Spring thaw- waddyado. It's nature, baby... still scary, still a very real threat.

In the flood of 1997, the Red River breached its banks and spread out 2,000 square kilometres — an area equivalent to the size of Prince Edward Island. The rain forecast for North Dakota — a system that may deliver 20 to 60 millimetres of rain — has officials there ramping up emergency flooding efforts
. In Manitoba provincial flood forecasters are predicting the second-highest water levels on record, equal to that of 1979. That flood is ranked second only to the flood of the century in 1997, which caused $4.4 billion in damage along the Red River valley between Winnipeg and Grand Forks, and forced about 80,000 people from their homes. Even with the floodway protection, Winnipeg city officials are preparing for the possibility that almost 300 homes will have to be sandbagged.Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz said the city has already contacted people in what he calls the flood "hot-spots." Discussions have been held with homeowners in St. Norbert and Scotia Street, areas that are vulnerable during times of high water.

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