Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Should be fun to see all the kids dressed up tonight, eh? Last Halloween I lived on the other side of the city so it should be interesting to see what happens here. I dunno if there are more or less kids here (?) or if where I lived previously had more... I work until 9pm but I figure that the streets will still be filled with trick or treaters!

This Halloween morning there is SO much to do, none of which is related to the festivities. In less than a week we have to relocate to a hotel in which we will stay for one month while renovations go on. We have to pack up our clothes, computers, cats and whatever other items we care to take. After this is complete we'll have to come back here and organize the things left in our place to have all contents removed and stored while the work's completed. Two walls need the wallpaper stripped with some TSP, the toilet needs to be removed and some floor trim needs to be removed. I guess it doesn't sound like much when you write it down, so that's good! It's just the time frame that's scary especially when you're working every day... I'm getting on it this morning before work and will pick at it a day at a time until we leave. And hey, it'll look fantastic when it's done (repeat) it'll look fantastic when it's done!

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Debbi said...

WOW, staying in a hotel for a month! Holy crap!!

Well, Happy Hallowe'en. But I think you're on crack if you think that there will still be kids out at 9 pm. Mine are done by 7 pm pretty much!