Wednesday, July 30

I was going to post a 10 of wands but this sums it up better.
Somewhat burdened at the moment.
Read my cards; have to say I see that I feel muddled. Trying to organize myself in small ways (spent some time this morning and sorted out my photobucket album online) but it isn't the small, manageable issues that are the problem. It's the larger, looming ones that are consuming my brain. Mom and Dad both are having some health issues, and of course I balloon this by dwelling on July 23, 2005 -the day my father in law Wayne died of colon cancer. We watched him digress for months, stayed with him and my MIL for the last 2 months of his life. I, being the one to find him after he passed that morning around 6am, had to wake my husband and MIL to let them know he had finally died. That was a very hard moment. That was the second time I had to tell my husband that kind of news. In September 1992 it was my FIL and I that had to tell him his sister had died.

Financially it's been really tough since the divorce, having to rebuild. I had to buy a new car, get a new condo and new things in it and paid over 3 grand to move my things across 4 provinces, yada yada. It'll work itself out I guess (the belt is tight) but right now the list of financial responsibilities feels pretty overwhelming. Car insurance is due, condo fees due in a few days, couple hundred for the deductible for work on the car will be due pretty soon. Almost 6 hundred in bills due this week, and where will it come from, she asks. Plus I have a trip to BC to figure out how to manage (which is probably why the 7 of cups popped up for my physical space).

So anyways, Pollyanna, let's talk about something more entertaining.

Like grass flip flops that I read about on Presurfer. How can you go wrong?! It's like walking on grass but in thongs. Or something. (Seriously what idiot thought this up?!)

Or how about we RULE THE UNIVERSE together.

And lastly let us enjoy some ZEN HABITS. Like accomplishing some feasible, simple tasks that give you a sense of completion! There's nothing I enjoy more than checking off a list! WOO! That feels WAY better !!

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