Thursday, July 31

Although China is the BEST place to see tomorrow's eclipse, you CAN see it online HERE. It should be about 7pm (Shanghai time) and last 2 and a half minutes. We get a treat next year July 22, 2009 when we get the longest eclipse of the CENTURY lasting 6 minutes and 39 seconds! If the weather co-operates it will be visible from India, Nepal, China etc and parts of the Pacific Ocean. Looks like China gets all the good viewing on these!!
Seen a few eclipses, like the last lunar eclipse I watched from my porch here. Back at home I used to see meteor shower viewings around Cultus Lake BC. Usually August is a wicked time to see these in a good open field away from the city where there's no light poisoning. I still have yet to see Northern Lights here on the prairies which apparently is a September phenomenon. Everyone at work talks about seeing the polar bears in Churchill and taking the train up there. I should really go check these things out. When John came to BC I made him do BC things like walk across the Capilano Suspension Bridge, visit Whistler and go on the BC Ferries to explore the Gulf Islands. (And I HATED the ferries when I lived there. HATED THEM!! Never on time, slow to leave the dock, expensive, filled with screaming children *GROAN! But now that I'm on flat, prairie land omg do I wish I could be on those boats, floating on the ocean!! I think I visualize it every day. In fact lately when I hear the trains go by I reflect on the sounds of the ferries. The way they shudder when the propellers start or stop or reverse...the bad green carpet...the 5 dollar newspapers (kidding but dude, everything is so expensive on the ferries). The sound of the horn... omg I miss that.)
In the next 5 years ish I would like my next move to be onto Vancouver Island. Either Nanaimo or Langford or Comox if it ever opens. If I transferred to Langford (Victoria area) I would totally live in Sooke. Feasible commute and way less costly real estate than in Victoria, plus I like the smaller community feeling. In Nanaimo I could manage a condo or townhouse no prob. Comox would be great, especially to be part of another warehouse opening (if it ever materializes. Australia is the next market to open in the next few months and over the next year.) No matter what location I would be close to someone- parents are on Pender Island, sister's near French Beach (possibly heading to Tofino?) EN is in Victoria and Mireille's in Duncan. We shall see!
Meanwhile Winnipeg is a great place to be, to start over and learn a lot.

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Debbi said...

holy awesome-- the day you see the northern lights, that's a great day! I LOVE the northern lights-- I've loved them as a child and I still get all excited when I see them.
LOVE them.