Sunday, June 29

They say everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. Our family's famous time was right here, in the pages of 1987 BC Woman To Woman Magazine LOL!! Mom submitted us for a family makeover, which we got courtesy of Guildford Shopping Mall in Surrey BC. For me, I was heading into Grade 9 so it was kind of cool at 14 or 15 yrs old to get a makeover... And hey, in case you're wondering, in the BEFORE picture my brother spilled pop on his lap RIGHT before we got the picture done!! They could have at least CROPPED the picture to save him the embarrassment!!!

I think it's appropriate that on the cover here the bottom left has an article labelled Your Most Embarrassing Moments ROFL!!!!!

Hilarious flashback eh?!



Debbi said...

That's freeking hilarious-- I didn't notice until you pointed it out-- so lovingly, might I add. HAHAHAHAh.

Okay, we are so oddly 'attached', seeing how I spent my teenage years up the street from Guildford mall in Surrey, which I still partly consider home. Wierd.

m said...

Cool blog! I like yours.

Thanks for your comment =). Take care!

MacKennster said...

So, being a results-oriented kind of guy, did wonderful sparkling things happen to the family after this makeover? Did the kids' grades improve? Did holyfatherofholymotherofgod get a raise at the plant?

Do tell. Maybe I need a makeover too.