Wednesday, June 18

I've been walking. Yes, indeed, and now I'm talking...LOL. Before I break into singing some Ricky Nelson though let me review this last week or two!!! June 5 I started walking (briskly) 2.2km and this week I am up to 5.6km. Exactly an hour's walk at a quick pace. It was so, so nice out yesterday morning that I took my camera along with me and snapped these pictures as I trucked along. So many gardeners out here, which is surprising with a growing season that is only a few weeks long. (I kid, I kid.. it's about 4-6 months depending on the fickle weather here. I believe it's Zone 3 as opposed to the Zone 5 I was used to).

It's a great neighbourhood to be living in. Parks and schools about every 2 blocks, and a nice Italian community literally within walking distance if I head north (20 minute walk). BEAUTIFUL weather, and today is another sunny day. Best I get walking...!

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Debbi said...

you're right-- what a great community! And great photos-- very nice.

You go girl.. er... you walk girl! ;P