Thursday, January 1


Wow, 2015 hey? It feels sooo weird to remember 1999 to 2000 and Y2K and to think that was FIFTEEN years ago. Someone grew up between then and now. What the hell! I remember it like it was just fifteen years ago! I'm starting to really get it all those times I heard "the adults" say "where does the time go" and "time flies" and all those other mutterings. All of which are true.
Reading April's blog -which is great, by the way!- and she has a great post from Dec 31 about reflecting on the past year and what does the new year mean. Here goes for my own responses to the same questions.
How do you think your life will be different one year from today? How will it be the same?
Oooh. Funny, I ask myself this often: did I know a year ago or three years ago or five years ago that I would be "here". Wherever and whenever "here" occurs. And never am I able to foresee the results! I suppose if I could do that, I'd be really rich and probably own a 1-900 prediction service ;p However, let's take a stab at it for fun and posterity. A year from now I predict I will be working at the same place but possibly in another position. A year from now I will be in the same home, same relationship, with one child and possibly (hopefully?) pregnant with a second if this hasn't already occurred by New Year's 2016.

What excites you about 2015? What makes you feel scared?
Starting fresh and new always excites me, as does moving into Spring. I love to get outside and to hard yardwork. Prune trees. Rake up thousands of leaves and clean out the flower beds. I love, love, love it. Scared? A zombie apocalypse. My fears are much bigger and uncontrollable/ universal catastrophes..

What is one new skill you want to learn?
Always looking to learn new things like reducing my hostility and destroying my inner demons, oh- and maybe if the opportunity came up... kick boxing. Just boxing in general. I think I would really love that.

What character quality could you work on next year?

Gratitude, patience, being QUIET and more empathetic.

What is one dream you hope comes true in 2015?

Just one more bebe. It would be so nice to have two kids..

Are you sad to see 2014 go? Or are you ready for the new year to be here?

Not too much(?) although the year in itself wasn't an awful year by any means. Certainly I have been through much, much worse. It was just a steady, slow grind with kind of a sad ending.

What was the happiest part of 2014?

Becoming pregnant again which I found out Thanksgiving weekend in October. It would have been so great; two kids exactly three years almost to the DAY apart. I was so thankful and so ready to go there.

What are you the most proud of accomplishing in 2014?

I think I did a great job this year helping some other people out with things they have going on, supporting them and also getting myself back on the wagon. I dropped 25lbs in the summer and really put myself into it. I think it let me recognize my own personal power. That's what I will continue to reach for is finding that within myself.

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