Friday, January 10

Happy New Year

Wow, really?? 2014?
I remember as a kid, swinging away on the swings on the playground, LAUGHING at the idea of the year 2000. Where would I be at age 30? Let alone at 40. I remember that I thought at age 30 I would have 2 kids and a house. Important things to a girl child: have kuds and a home :)
Can't believe it's 2014.
Started the year with some vacation. Spent time with baby, Nana & Grandad then cousins, Auntie & Uncle. Home again where baby & me blossomed a great head cold. 
Today though, a whirlwind of sudden activity. Got our [FREE!] dishwasher installed [AND IT WORKS!!!] got rid of all our popcans & recycling... donated big bags of hand me downs... Organized the pantry... the house is "mostly" filled with things in their places. Where they belong. 
Spring cleaning has begun.
Now... if I can just get rid of this cold...

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