Friday, November 22

Recycling, Reinventing

For some odd reason this year I have apparently channeled my OCD-ness into cleaning and keeping every baby diaper box, every baby food jar, every salsa jar- actually each and every container that has a lid and is remotely reusable. I have got about 4 diaper boxes filled with these such containers now. 'Course now I think WTH am I going to do with all these!? Originally I made spice jars out of the baby food containers, painting all the lids a dark mushroom color and writing neatly on the lids the name of the spice inside. I used my coolest most vintage mason jars for things like coffee and coffee whitener. I figured a bunch of jars would surely be useful in the workshop for nails, screws, bolts, etc. but the jars haven't quite made it out there, nor is my other half nearly as motivated as me to do tedious little organizational tasks like these. I'm toying with posting them on Craigslist for free but before I do, I just *have to* check online to see what ideas there are out there for reusing jars and containers.
Thrifty Fun suggests a lot of great ideas like affirmation jars or thankfulness jars, job jars, jewelry or bathroom organizing. I kind of like the gift-giving idea where you layer your ingredients for homemade cocoa in the jar, top with marshmallows and seal it with a funky cork or washcloth topper and raffia twine. Or same idea but inserting dry bean or pea soup mixes with recipe card.
I've also washed, dried and spray-painted tin cans, using them for planters and seedlings as well as for nesting containers for Ela to learn and play with. She stacks them and puts them inside each other- cheapest toy ever =) They look fabulous spray painted. I used glossy red, teal, lime green and yellow.
I've been really cheaply painting my kitchen using Home Depot's mistints. They almost always have little $1 oops containers in various colors. I've been collecting them all summer. I have all sorts of blues, pinks, oranges, etc. but I have had them retint their mistints (free!) to browns which are almost always useful and neutral. Anyways for about $5 I painted all my base cabinets in my kitchen by mixing my mistints into a cool brown mahogany purply color. I quite like it. It at least cleans it up from the mess that it was before!
Anyhoo if you know other ideas for recycling pls let me know. I'm exploring ideas!

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