Wednesday, November 13

Dealing with a lot of stress from every direction recently. On & off throughout the day I completed 10 loads of laundry, stripped & bleached clean the bed sheets and pillow cases, aired bedding on the porch railing outside, rigorously vacuumed every crevace & carpet. Toys in their bins. Clothes hung by color in the closet. Pulled some out for donation that no longer fit or function. I should be tired but I feel like I can't stop or certainly cannot relax. Agitated. Scanning for other things "that need to be done" or "should be finished". 
I'm going to keep cleaning, organizing & putting "life in order.

Here are 6 cleaning tasks and their emotional/intellectual/spiritual rewards:

Washing the dishes helps you to wash away the grief. Circular motions correspond to the circle of life.
Vacuuming gets rid of the dust and the cobwebs, the regrets which cling and keep you stuck, as you inhale stale air and allergens. Vacuuming helps you to move forward and breathe a purer air, a more authentic version of yourself.
* Cleaning the windows lets in the light when you feel sad, unable to step outside. Afterwards, you can sit or stand by the window, relax and watch others. Moreover, when you open a window, you get ready to step outside and join the good energy – first you rehearse it in your mind and then you do it.
* Cleaning the bathroom helps you to get the crap out of your life or neutralize what pisses you off.  You need to move toxins out of your body and your mind.
Mopping the floor keeps you in the moment, an opportunity not to think about your worries; otherwise, if you are not fully present to what you are doing, you can slip and slide and fall back into an old issue.
* Overall, housecleaning is great exercise to be envied by gym goers. And exercise efficiently alleviates anxiety and moves stress hormones out of the body.

The next time you clean your space, create a specific intention, a stress-reducing mental component corresponding to the physical act. For example, when you are clearing out spoiled fruit in your refrigerator to make room for fresh, new fruit consider if there might be some spoiled, toxic relationship you need to throw away? Or when you are dusting, polishing your furniture to a brilliant shine, consider what might be holding you back from shining?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, how productive of you! Me, i napped, rowed 3.5 kms, did a set of tai chi on the deck, did some woodburning, and 2 loads of laundry (one being bedsheets, too, lol). Not nearly as productive as you, but a very fulfilling day nonetheless. The art most days is very therapeutic.

So what is so darn stressful lately for you? Something must be really bugging you!

And when are you coming over to clean my house, lol!