Thursday, October 31


20 things you can do !!!

Gratitude photo

Remind yourself everyday of the people and relationships for which you’re thankful. Whatever method you use, be grateful for what you have.

1. Love the one you're with.

2. Give thanks daily.

3. Listen instead of talking

4. Volunteer your time.

5. Give a larger tip than usual.

6. Look people in the eye.

7. Smile and mean it. 

8. Resist the urge to talk about people

9. Be patient.

10. Give thoughtful gifts.

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11. Surprise the one you love.

12. Send a thank you note.

13. Give a good hug.

14. Pay a sincere compliment.

15. Acknowledge the negative parts of your life.

16. Give your dog an extra long walk.

17. Call a friend that needs to talk.

18. Donate more than you’re comfortable donating.

19. Learn to love yourself.

20. Resist the urge to judge.  

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