Wednesday, November 14

TV Zombie

In a few weeks I am back to work.
I am glad to go back because truly, I am turning into a fat lump of a tv zombie. What a time waster TV is, and yet it's so hard not to get sucked into some shows! Right now I'm completely sucked into The Walking Dead (which even when I was at work I was watching online after it aired, and will continue to do so), of course Sons of Anarchy (which I never did watch on TV since it didn't air in Canada at first so we have always watched online), pretty well any show on SLICE (Til Debt Do Us Part, Princess, The Mistress, Intervention...) It's ridiculous the amount of television I am watching daily. Stupid. I have even considered cancelling cable to force myself to find more constructive use of time. I may still do this. I didn't have cable for about a year and a half in Manitoba and I really didn't miss it.
I have also started a daily habit of writing 5 things to be grateful for and doing a daily mental exercise of acceptance. I have to laugh because that's the only exercise I've been getting LOL but hey- one thing at a time =)
Can you believe it? Only a matter of weeks until Xmas and The New Year 2013! Where the heck do the months and YEARS go...? It's so weird how fast time flies - I remember in school I would think wow, is this everrrrr going to be over? Am I everrrrr going to be an adult!? I can't waaaaait to be older. Too funny! (Actually I kept all my diaries from high school too- I never did keep one consistently when I was under the age of 12 but once I hit high school I POURED myself into diaries. I thought, if I ever have a daughter, I am totally going to read them with her)
And now- here we are =)
I'm also keeping a diary right now in which I am writing "to my daughter" about her, about what things I want her to know, about what things I want her to know are IMPORTANT. I wrote last month, for instance, about how it doesn't matter what other people think. You have to know in your heart that you are ok how you are. If people have crappy things to say about you or to you, then bless them and wish them well. Send them some love and send them on their way. I suppose with the whole focus on bullying I realize the world she is growing up in is different than the one I did. But, the values remain the same, the lessons are the same although probably delivered differently.
Last week it was John's grandma's 91st birthday. Ninety one! Can you imagine what things were "modern" in her prime? Do you think if you told her, when she was a kid, that when she was 91 yrs old she would be FACE TIMING with an iPHONE to her great grand daughter? Can you think about what might be around when WE are 91? Can you even imagine what may be possible? Will we teleport to each other!? Will there be no screens for computers, just "floating images" like Princess Leila's message about Obe Wan Kinobe in Star Wars?! No televisions, just projection systems that are the size of an iPhone?
I am hoping to start a New Years trend with my little family. I would like to make a paper mache time capsule -say, out of a xmas wrapping paper tube- in which we will put a current year-end news paper clipping about the top stories of that year. Add in photos of us, each of us will write a list of things we think will be happening or technology that will come out in 20 yrs. We will write on the time capsule : open in (ie) 2023 (10 years away from when you made it) And we'll make one every year as we go, keep them in with our Xmas decorations, seal them up really good, TOTALLY forget what we wrote and - when our little girl is grown up- we will LAUGH hysterically when we open them 10 yrs in the future. Won't that be fun!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the time capsule idea!!! & the life lessons to your daughter! You are an amazing mom!