Monday, March 5

A little hard to believe that I am 25 weeks pregnant.
We are having a GIRL and she is due around Daddy's birthday, mid June. It's a little odd being on one side of the looking glass, not knowing what it is to be a parent yet. Not understanding or sharing in the knowledge that The Others already have. This whole pregnancy has been a very surreal experience- no sickness, no concerning issues, no nothing! It's been... it's been... GOOD!?! Kind of WEIRD. In the last couple weeks -actually since about 18 weeks- I felt some odd fluttering in my stomach. Then it became some sort of a crampy pinchy feeling. Lately, it's become more of an "ok, someone is definitely in there..!"
I was talking to someone at work who had their daughter at 30 weeks. Another coworker had his daughter at 24 weeks. I know yet another couple in my "extended work family" who had more than one of their four kids super early also. It's amazing to me how everyone's story is different, about how and when and where they went through the birth process. I'm so glad people are willing to share their stories; it just makes you realize how each and every single person -including me and YOU- got here. And more than odd, is in just a matter of weeks, in just a few short months, we are going to meet face to face under whatever circumstances those are. That's pretty amazing. Meanwhile, I know her through her internal gymnastics. Also amazing =)

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