Wednesday, November 2

Hard to believe it has been almost a month since I posted!

Temperatures are starting to dip although of course a milder, damper cold than what I have experienced in the past 3 winters. It's plus 4, but you feel chilled simply due to the moisture.

Speaking of which, this has seeped into the exterior walls here, and we discovered a rather large and unfortunate patch of black mold growing behind the couch. And behind the bed. And in the corner of the living room. We reported it to the landlord who came and inspected it, told us we could clean it up and be reimbursed and suggested a dehumidifier (which either we could buy or they could). I guess I expected a more serious response, like a dehumidifier immediately (as in within a day or two) delivered, a check up after to see if the mold was removed, etc. But none of this occurred. It was more like a giggly ew gross, and dismissed. I am quite disappointed and actually now that I think about it, I should have mentioned it to my doctor today during my physical due to the risk of exposure. This really is no laughing matter. Mold exposure (and really, just knowing there is moisture wicking through these exterior walls) is a sign of failure, either of a membrane or something structural. It is not only a health risk for tenants but a potential lawsuit for health issues against landlords if not adequately dealt with, and or building condemnation if real structural risk or real health risk is found. If it were me, that would wipe any smirk or smile off my face.

While the mold was cleaned by my saviour BF, I spent my time searching online for somewhere else to live. We may have found a place but lest I jinx it, I will not say another word. My failure rate to date of announcing new homes has been extremely high, and this is not an area I ever wanted to be succesful in !

I am ever hopeful that our housing situation will one day be rectified. We have numerous little hurdles to overcome, despite being bombarded right and left with yet another roadblock or yet another challenge. It is coming. I know it is. I just don't yet know when.

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it took me several moments to realize what that photo was. *disturbing*