Thursday, October 6

Must be Fall-Winter in BC, it's raining =) Not a torrential monsoon rain like Peg City, but a light wet drizzle that is seemingly continuous. Apparently sunny a little further down the coast by an hour, but up here a little overcast cloudy drizzly.
Pretty weak summer and sad to see it come to an end. I had vacation there mid September and was able to see 2 super hot days on the 9-10 weekend or so, then immediately the furnace was turned off and Fall wandered in. Interested to see what the "winter" brings. I'm sure a couple days of snow at best, and about a 0-2 degree mean average temperature. I'll see if I am right.
Everyone in this little household is hard at work (literally) - concentrating on paying the bills down and preparing for that one golden day when we can finally purchase a home. Duplex is for sale in Peg City; both halves up for grabs. We will see what offers come in next week... Likely still take some time to get a place here even if we sell for the right price, but certainly this is all a brisk walk in the right direction. Be nice to firmly plant ourselves here and grow roots. Certainly this is the place to be and the place to do it. If I haven't said it before, or haven't said it enough, I love BC.

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Anonymous said...

it is most definitely fall, although we had a beautiful sunny day here - no drizzle.

i suspect you're off on your prediction about winter... i think you'll find a winter low about -5, maybe even -10 at some point, and as far as snow, you might be surprised to find yourself with several good dumps, maybe as much as 8-12" (or more) at a time. we'll see.

BC is definitely the place to be. :)