Friday, February 4

What the hell happened in the skies on February 3rd?!
- My mom wakes up in the middle of the night thinking she was having a heart attack, calls 911. Turns out to be indigestion and acid reflux of the worst kind.
- My sister gets a flat tire in nowhere land, no cell phone coverage, no population around, and has to walk to get help. Ends up having to put on four new tires.
- Me, I receive late rent and a rent CHEQUE which the bank then HOLDS ===> results in bounced payments in my accts, ice dams on the roof and today plumbing issues in the house. Bathtub is unusable, despite draino, canned air and snakes. Water inside the walls, bubbling drywall and paint. Ba dat dat dat daaaaaa... I'm lovin it.
Is it just our family affected by this drama?!!!

Happy Chinese New Year, by the way. Read HERE for horoscopes.

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