Tuesday, December 28


What a great day. I got TWO great gifts from TWO fantastic chicks. One is a star necklace from BECKY (pretty close to the one shown) so now I am Char the Star. =)
And the other gift I got was from Cheryle- a terrific coffee traveller mug and caffeine to boot!


Seriously though, there has been so much generosity shown to me lately its crazy. I had a friend swing by my house on the 24th, dropping of a GORGEOUS present (almost like exactly like this shell) AND wine, AND a terrific card made out to us AND the cats. Meanwhile back at teh internets, I have 2 friends from home sending me light and happy thoughts in emails, letting me know I'm welcome home and that I'm heading the right way. Like how completely amazing do I have it. Seriously? GOOD PEOPLE surround me. Totally thankful, and really feeling so blessed to know such great Spirits. 100% surrounded by good peoples. So THANK YOU. To all of you. THANK YOU...

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