Wednesday, December 22

Sad news
Sad, because there is something GOOD in what they were trying to do, that being part of a group that sings together, performs in one voice. I mean, really. Arby's has never seen this shit before. .. And neither has an Edmonton Mall.... Allelujah! There is something absolulely amazing about people singing together, no matter how well they sing. It's the community. The spirit, the energy. It's the togetherness. No need to be a rock star, with rock moves, tonight. Don't be afraid, sing your mind !!! Group efforts, people. Group efforts. All together now.

The eclipse and full moon

ROME — Monday morning the Earth did something that it has not done in over three centuries. The feat accomplished was the successful lunar eclipse that could be seen in its entirety from 2:40 a.m. to 3:53 a.m. EST.

The lunar eclipse, which is created when the earth comes between the sun and the moon in a perfect alignment, was the first total lunar eclipse since Feb. 21, 2010.

Although the cloud coverage made viewing of the eclipse impossible for many in Central New York, stunning visions were seen in many parts of North and South America. The complete lunar eclipse was highlighted by a moon unusually amber in color. Many experts believe that this was due to the recent eruption of Indonesia's Mount Merapi nearly two months ago tinted the earth's atmosphere and shadow upon the moon.

The nearly 400-year-old occurence was that a complete lunar eclipse and the winter solstice have not coincided on the same day since 1638. Experts don’t believe this is a sign or omen that something may happen to our planet or solar system, but happened by chance.

"It is mere coincidence," assures Strasenburgh Planetarium of Rochester's director, Steve Fentress. "There are no factoids or anything that suggest that this has any meaning. The two dates are totally coincidental."

There is no physical impact to our planet, the sun or the moon," Fentress says. "The only impact is psychological. People can actually witness our surroundings in action. Natural processes are occurring right before their eyes. The triumph of science was fully displayed with last night's lunar eclipse in that we have known about the exact location and time of this eclipse for decades."

Two complete lunar eclipses are scheduled for the upcoming 2011. The first is on June 15 and the second is to take place on Dec. 10. While it was very chilly for the recent eclipse, it is assured to be warmer for the next one.

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