Sunday, November 28

Watched the Nature of Things this morning. Topic was neuroplasticity which is extremely fascinating. Featured a guy who was in a horrible motorcycle accident in 1985 in which he lost an arm and part of his hip. He has feelings of a "phantom limb", or like his arm he lost is still there, causing him pain. They found that the brain is responsible for causing this, and when this guy saw an illusion (he sat at a table and had his function arm in a box with a mirror, making it appear that he had a left arm in the mirror image) he was able to "move his missing arm" in the mirror and almost immediately his brain stopped causing pain. He was able to THINK he was moving his missing arm and through doing so, told his brain it existed, worked and was not in pain. Sooo fascinating. Another test was 2 groups of people, learning to play a song on the piano. One group physically played it for a week and the other THOUGHT about playing it. Both showed the SAME brain functions, the same brain responses, whether DOING the act or thinking about it. Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts change your brain. What's so great about this research is it substantiates the power of thinking, the power of attraction & belief, the mind over matter argument has validity.

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~n~ said...

ooh, love it. rent a copy of What the Bleep Do we know and watch it. you'll get off on all the neurplasty talk in it. truth be told, my kids loved the little animated bits of the movie. ;)