Sunday, November 7

So thinks are running smoothly, really. Everything looks cool.

Except Carlton here.

But firstly- the party last night went really, really well. REALLY good. Lots of winners for the prizes, lots of excitement around them. Left as early as I could, though, knowing my day ahead. I went straight to bed and got up early today to heave a used hot water tank up the stairs with my lovely assistant. Loaded the truck with anything due for the dump and headed to the landfill. Got home, continued on the floor tiles. Finished them- moved to the basement clean up. Finished that - moved to the upstairs bathroom detailing. Finished that- moved to the kitchen detailing. Finished that- omg it's 230pm, showing is at 3pm. Showered and opened the door promptly at 3pm- 2 ladies immediately appeared for a walk through. One was interested and completed an application- the other thanked me for my time and said she would think about it. I was a little shocked, because I assumed since they entered roughly at the same time that they were looking together, as room-mates and showed them the place together. It wasn't until she excused herself that I realized I was wrong!!

Not 20 minutes later, a couple came and moments later a single guy come through. Both parties seemed very interested, both took applications. The couple were really cute- she was taking notes, he was looking and asking questions. The single guy was talking up his business ventures and asking dollars and cents... (And for some reason I just really felt like he was a friend of the last tenant's ex-boyfriend, although I don't know this for sure. Just seemed like he asked things that I felt he knew the answer to? And same personality as the ex... same age... same entrepreneurial energy... hmmm. Just my spidey senses... ) I just started turning out lights thinking that was it and another lady showed with her daughter. Looked exactly like Mama Cass, walked with a cane, had a hard time with the steps. She came in, loved the character of the place but wanted a one floor sort of bungalow- an up down layout due to her health. All in all, good showings, good interest.

530pm rolled around and I headed to the condo for Round Two. Showed the condo to 2 interested parties - one is really interested in it and wants to secure it asap. She wants to pay more but have hydro included which I am fully down for. Possibly interested in a private sale later/ during the year which again- count me in. I could use the equity for a more profitable investment elsewhere for sure.

Condo Wars are ongoing- we have an upcoming meeting on Wednesday to discuss and dispute the "alleged required" balcony repairs, the imposed increases to the condo fees among other things. It is anticipated to be a heated exchange and I feel myself growing small pointy horns as I think about it. It makes me very angry. Very angry indeed !

Anyways all is coming to resolution. Feels like the hard work is ending, the results are coming. Amen.

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