Saturday, November 13

Don't know why, but tonight I am hopelessly stuck on John Mayer and just loving me some guitar and some singing.
I specifically remember the first time I heard it on the radio. I was driving in my Subaru from BC to Winnipeg; it was 3am and I was somewhere around Creston, I think. I remembered looooving the song, waiting to hear it announced who sang it. Such a retro style- almost jazz, but not quite. Sort of late 70s or something, but not totally. Something that takes me back to Paul Simon? My dad was a huge fan =P
No Such Thing (this link is Mayer) "There's no such thing as the real world- just a lie you've got to rise above...They love to tell you stay inside the lines ". I was just talking to someone about how we create self limitations and boxes for our selves. Sometimes we need to rise above... color outside the lines a little.
Breakdown (this link is Seether-accoustic) Love this song - so break me down. Go ahead. Try me. Judge me. Do what makes you feel better. I am more than you know.
Another great artist- Dallas Green. Sleeping Sickness. Love it. Sleepless uncertainty that we all know.
Ah, just some raw, live, honest performance art.
Buskers are brave artists.
Such a personal experience sharing your art. By doing so you ask people to like it or dislike it. You seek some sort of approval for something that is ... just part of how you say something internal, but using a voice, an instrument, a tool or whatever. I think people who publicly sell their wares, their creations, or perform are amazing people.

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Hakuna Matata said...

i love this char i just listened too all of these songs and we were just haveing a conversation about shoes and art
i love it my favorite song was breakdown by seether huge seether fan you sould you tube punk goes acoustic 1 great lyrics/tunes on there