Wednesday, October 27

Sam Katz re-elected.

I cannot say I am surprised, nor disappointed. I listened to each delegate on the Shaw TV debate just a few days ago and I wasn't sold on Judy's platform. Judy Wasylycia-Leis, his challenger, suggested that property taxes be RAISED (do NOT get me started on THIS) in order to fight crime and create better infrastructure. I wholeheartedly agree that Winnipeg has RIDICULOUS CRIME RATES and seemingly ongoing, never ending, ever annoying construction that almost seems to bandaid a larger problem. I agree that the bus system is archaic and slow. Yes, poverty and homelessness are big problems that are likely root causes to our crime stats. But RAISE property taxes, are you frickin INSANE!? I will have you know that I pay $1100 a year for a ONE BDRM CONDO. This is with no home owners grant, just a $250 drop in the bucket for an education grant that MB gives you. A teeny tiny 700 sq ft apartment warrants $1100 PER YEAR. A house or duplex in my case, apparently costs $3300 a year. Again, NO DISCOUNT. In Chilliwack? A three quarter acre parcel with an 800 sq ft house is just $660 per year.


Winnipeg? We'll take an arm and a leg, please, and possibly your first born. And still charge you property tax for the space those limbs and that child would take up in our city.

Screw you Judy; take your ideas elsewhere. Or pay my taxes for me. Why 56% of Winnipeggers (in a recent poll) think it's a good idea to raise property taxes is way, way beyond me. Apparently people that don't own homes (or rent) were the only ones that voted in that poll !!

Not that Mr Katz is completely free and clear. His recent shoe to the face of some poor kid, and 30 year private water deal that he won't disclose details of have put a tarnish on his golden boy image. Regardless, hire the devil you do know, versus the one that hikes property taxes, I say. So play it again, Sam. Continue on. We won't hold our breath about the rapid transit or fixed potholes, just don't make me pay more money. Maybe I got this cheap Winnipegger thing down after all...

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~n~ said...

beware the secret private water deal! eeks! giving over control of our water supply to corporate, privatized interests is bad bad BAD in my books.

our local water system is community-owned. upgrades are being financed by the community and there is a real interest by the owners/users of the system to protect such an important resource.

good luck, you cheap winnipegger. lol