Tuesday, January 26

Cold Snap.
Hoping it is short lived; the trees were tricked into budding and birds were in the yard singing at dawn just last week. Signs of Spring that so briefly appeared have now recessed, for the time being.
Plays a definite part in and on your psyche, these Winnipeg winters. Last winter was very, very hard for me. So long, so isolating, so cold and sooo depressing. This winter has been mild and easy so far, but yank that away and replace it with that unwelcome sharp windchill and bitter bone chilling cold of Frigid Friggin February and you're quickly reminded of how harsh it is to live here.
Me, I get angry in the harsh cold. I get pissed right off by it. It infuriates me how in mere seconds you can walk a matter of steps from your warm comfortable home towards your car and immediately recognize that your face is already numb. In seconds. And then the car doors are frozen shut and you pull and pry and frantically yank at them to no avail for what feels like minutes but is only seconds until they finally open. You throw yourself in the seat, slam the door shut and your hands and face, now thawing, hurt as they warm up. Actually I better stop writing about this because I'm getting pissed off just talking about it... !!!
Good news came yesterday. Called the City to ask how my subdivision was coming for my duplex and all is finally approved. A few minor steps left until I physically receive two seperate official land titles for each unit in my duplex. Two seperate, saleable units out made out of the one original house. Great success!
You may be wondering why anyone would split a house in two. Being that this house is already divided as two side by side units it was relatively easy to do. Why I pursued it is to give myself the option of being able to sell a side if I want or need to. Some people don't want the hassle of owning a duplex and having tenants; they just want their own home. A side by side is very similar to a townhome in design, or an attached row house, but is more private & has yard space, so IMO is more desirable to some homeowners. I wouldn't bother doing this in just any neighbourhood, but in this area I feel confident it will pay off. People want to live here, so why not make it easier to provide them with that option? Simple supply and demand.
At any rate I am glad to have closure to this lengthy process. It's almost been a full year since purchasing and since that time I've carried a large burden financially. But I've done so having faith in the end result. I suspect in a few months I will be able to read back to this post and have something to say about it one way or the other!


THANK YOU to Fickle in Pink for nominating me for an award! How exciting ! (And I mean that people actually read this blog, lol!!) The terms of this award are simple- share with others and post 10 things that you find joy in.
  1. 1. Having a moment with my old friend Mister Bob, as he purrs next to me on the couch, his big fat Bobby Belly sitting on the couch next to him.
  2. 2. Tending to my house plants- my ivy, my african violets, my tropicals. A house is more of a home with plants and lots of happy, sleepy, comfortable, well fed cats =)
  3. 3. Doing things for other people- taking a minute to listen, sharing life stories, making someone else laugh. Just in general knowing I can make a difference for someone everyday brings me joy.
  4. Quiet time, reading a book, blogging, listening to music, singing badly or playing really stupid computer games brings me joy and a sense of calm... as long as I score over 40K =)
  5. Going on long long walks outside on a spring or summer morning, looking at every house I walk by, every yard and every tree.
  6. A good strong cup of espresso I simply cannot live without.
  7. Fuzzy pyjamas, warm flannel sheets and getting up after noon. BECAUSE I CAN.
  8. Having a creative outlet. Getting thoughts on paper in some way shape or form.
  9. I hate to say it because it sounds shallow, but being financially secure and independant really does bring me joy. It's not about how much I have, just that I create whatever I have myself. I can create more income if I want (and plan out how to). Feeling that sense of accomplishment and self reliance.
  10. Dim Sum. Sorry but that HAS to go on the list. Dim Sum is food of the gods...!! =)

Okay Sister, Aleesha and Debi, your turns...! I nominate you guys next...!!!

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