Thursday, October 8

S***, the four letter S word

The S*** is back.

Three weeks (or so) of summer, which waits until SEPTEMBER to come, and already there it is- that S***. I don't even want to say the word. Don't want to ACKNOWLEDGE it's existence. Truly it is EVIL in white flaky form, falling sneakily from the heavens, looking all soft and innocent. It isn't, of course. It kills people, you know. S*** is eeeeviiiilllll.

I was watching a comedian the other night on TV; the really sarcastic guy- what's his name... Not Ron White, although if you ever want a representative for "bitter" and "sarcastic" I think he'd volunteer... No, it was Lewis Black. He said he'd never heard of people who would voluntarily live where it was -30 to -50 for 6 months of the year. He says it's not so much that the weather is suggesting you not live there, it's God's way of saying GET THE HELL OUT.

It's about minus 6 or 7 at the lowest right now, so probably have to consider this warm weather going forward, if this cold spell continues. You never know here; the weather can change on a dime. From morning to night you can go from using the AC to using heat. In one day. Mom's lucky to have headed back to the balmy west coast just in time to escape this.

We made a huge, huge ham Monday night for her arrival here. Today is pea soup day. Mmmm, pea soup with big chunks of haaaammmmm... mmm.


Yeah, the gym. I should go there. Haven't gained, haven't lost- just hanging in there. I s'pose it takes activity to further this quest for weight loss. I'll contemplate that while I eat my pea soup =)


~n~ said...

omG you MUST be kidding. october 8th, and it's SNOWING already?!?! hmmm a job posting out west is looking sweeter each passing minute, no doubt. LOL

time to break out the parka & snow boots!!
(it's beautiful sunshine & 13 - 15 here today)

holymotherofgod said...

*groans* Yeah it snowed- mix of snow and rain though. But still yucky to watch come down. Didn't stick of course. Next few days it CLAIMS it is warming up lol. I hope this winter is not as bad as last- I cannot imagine trying to get myself through another 6 month long winter (lasted October to late May last yr)

~n~ said...

and fwiw, my mind TOTALLY went to the *other* four letter s-word instantly. LMAO